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Cosmetic Tattooing

We are delighted to offer Cosmetic Tattoo for Eyebrows, Lips and Eyeliner at Mabin House with our specialists, Nadia and Heather.

Permanent makeup enhances your natural beauty without the inconvenience of daily application of traditional makeup. It's a beauty solution that can help you look good while saving you time, money, and effort. Mabin House Body & Skin Sanctuary provides a top-notch, risk-free, and painless service for flawless eyebrows, eyeliner and lips every time by utilising cutting-edge technology, tools, and pigments. Our Cosmetic Tattooing services include permanent eyeliner, permanent lip colour, permanent brows (powder brows, ombre brows and microblading aka feather stroke brows). 

Consultations to discuss whether cosmetic tattooing is for you, are free! If you decide to proceed a $100 deposit on your initial appointment is required.

The initial appointment includes an in-depth consultation where your specialist will go over the process of the tattoo treatments, all the styles we offer and aftercare. Once you have decided on the style, your specialist will map the area (for brows they will also wax anything outside of the mapping) then begin the first session.

In 4-8 weeks time you will return again for your follow up appointment. During this session the specialist will go over the brows, lips and or eyeliner once more. This is not only to lock in the colour to ensure you get the most out of the tattoo but also allows your specialist to make any adjustments (if required).

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Watch Nadia, our talented technician, perform a Cosmetic Tattooing procedure on eyebrows in the video

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What is Cosmetic Tattooing

Semi-permanent makeup, sometimes referred to as cosmetic tattooing, is a sophisticated form of tattooing in which medical-grade pigments are absorbed into the dermal layer of the skin to produce a shadow of colour that resembles flawlessly placed makeup in soft natural tones of colour. The effect lasts all day because the pigment stays in the skin.

Who uses cosmetic tattooing?

  • people who currently wear eyeliner and eyebrow pencils.
  • hay fever or cosmetic allergy sufferers.
  • those who engage in multiple sports.
  • those with vision impairments.
  • individuals with alopecia or scant brows.
  • mothers or working people who don't have time to put on makeup.
  • those seeking an alternative to surgery for anti-aging.

The benefit from using these treatments are that you will not need to apply, repair or remove your make-up. You'll have flawless makeup that won't budge in any strenuous activity, including swimming, playing sports, or working out. Wake up with makeup – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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How much does it cost?

Our 15 min consultations are FREE


  • Microblading (Initial Appointment + 6 week Touch Up Appointment) $670
  • Ombre/Powder Brows (Initial Appointment + 6 week Touch Up Appointment) $750
  • Brow Colour Boost (over 1 year) $350
  • Brow Colour Correction $300


  • Top Liner (Initial Appointment + 6 week Touch Up Appointment) $585
  • Top Liner with Flick (Initial Appointment + 6 week Touch up Appointment) $650
  • Top & Bottom Combo (Initial Appointment + 6 week Touch up Appointment) $750


  • Full Colour (Initial Appointment + 6 week Touch Up Appointment) $750
  • Blended Lip Liner (Initial Appointment + 6 week Touch Up Appointment) $650


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Frequently asked questions

Have you had previous cosmetic tattooing?

Due to features like scarring, shape, and colour, it can be difficult to cover up prior cosmetic tattooing from another artist. Please book a free consultation to discuss your previous tattooing and go through your options.

What to do before your treatment?

You must stop the following prior to your procedure:

  • Lash and brow serum: 3 weeks prior
  • Fish oils: 5-10 days prior 
  • Aspirin, Ibuprofen or any blood thinning medications: 5-7 days prior 
  • Botox: 2 weeks prior 
  • Alcohol, caffeine, coffee or energy drinks: 24hrs prior 
  • Eyebrow tint: 3 weeks prior
  • Remove any eyelash extensions and contact lenses, only if you are having the eyeliner enhancement 

Will cosmetic tattooing hurt?

To lessen any discomfort, we utilise highly effective topical anaesthetics. Individual experiences vary, as some clients have different levels of sensitivity. Some people have compared it to getting your eyebrows waxed, while others claim they felt nothing at all. After the treatment, the tattooed area may also be sensitive, however this will pass with time.

What will my treatment look like immediately after?

You may experience some swelling and minor redness over the following 24 hours, and the colour may appear a little darker than the desired outcome for up to 3–7 days. After your tattooing, you won't need to rest or take time off from work.

Is the follow up appointment (touch-up) necessary?

Yes. After a cosmetic tattoo surgery, a touch-up appointment is usually required. The session offers the chance to polish the tattoo and make sure it adheres to the specified colour and shape. The procedure is necessary since each person's reaction to the pigment is unique.

How long will my treatment last?

Your treatment will naturally fade over time. Numerous things, like as sun exposure, the skincare products used, and individual skin variations, might affect how quickly they fade. Your tattoo's colour will also have an impact on fading. Darker colours can persist longer whereas softer colours typically fade more quickly.

To keep it appearing new, we do advise getting a colour boost or top-up procedure every 12 to 18 months, As a general guide, your tattoos can last between 18 months to 4 years.

Who can have cosmetic tattooing?

You must be at least 18 years of age is required. Anyone who is pregnant or nursing should avoid cosmetic tattooing. A person may not be able to get a cosmetic tattoo due to certain medical issues or drugs, this area can be discussed in further detail with the specialist.



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If you are interested and would like to know more, contact us to book a FREE consultation or click on the book now button below.

Payment plans - We have optional flexible payment plans available. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss what payment options are available.