About Mabin House Body & Skin Sanctuary

Welcome to Mabin House Skin & Body Sanctuary located in a stunning villa at 98 Nile Street in sunny Nelson. Escape the stresses of your daily life and indulge in the beautiful surroundings at our gorgeous Mabin House, we're sure you'll just love it.

Come and meet us, and see what you think.

Meet Tina, Senior Beauty Therapist and Owner at Mabin House

Meet Tina - Senior Beauty Therapist and Owner

I have been in the Beauty Therapy industry since 2006 and worked under some of the top therapists in Nelson. I started my own business so I could establish a business based on my own work ethic and principles, and to provide a quality of service that is affordable. This is my pride and passion and I love being able to make every client walk out feeling better about themselves.

Having problematic skin as a younger person really piqued my interest in good skin care as I grew older and became more aware of the fabulous opportunities to enhance and protect what I’ve got.

Since then I have researched and looked into many products, always looking for new products and tools and testing them out first before offering them to my clients.

The great thing about the beauty industry is that it continues to change and challenge old remedies with new so I am continually learning and adapting to best meet my clients needs.

Meet Jess, Senior Beauty Therapist & Manager at Mabin House

Meet Jess - Senior Beauty Therapist

Hi, I'm Jess and I'm a Beauty and Body Therapist. I gained my Diploma in my hometown of Nelson, New Zealand and have never looked back. This industry has always been in the background of my life;  I was a teenager when my dearest Mother decided to go back to school and study Beauty. Since then, I've been used as a guinea pig in every sense of the word. Now, I get to return the favour.

After working in New Zealand for a while I decided a bit of travel was in order, so I set sail aboard the mighty Diamond Princess then the lovely Seabourn Sojourn which took me around the entirety of Asia + a little bit extra. It was hard work and I met some amazing people along the way, who taught me their little tricks which I can now pass on to you. I then managed a salon in Melbourne and got to work alongside some amazing Dermal Therapists who really solidified my love for cosmetic chemistry and skin science.

This industry is such a joy to work in. It's constantly changing, growing and evolving which is how I like to approach my treatments, as needs change and wants evolve.

Meet Nadia, Senior Beauty Therapist at Mabin House

Meet Nadia

Hi, I'm Nadia and I'm so thrilled to be working with the spa team at the beautiful Mabin House!

Makeup was a passion of mine before getting my Beauty and Body Therapy Diploma. It gave me a taster into making people look and feel beautiful before their big events, which is what ultimately lead me down the beauty therapy path.

I love performing delicious treatments, it gives me such pleasure to make people feel like their best selves. Giving (and receiving!) facials is my joy, both the leisurely relaxing and the hard-working results-driven kind. I'm also loving the opportunity to work with advanced technology like the new Candela Laser machine, which is a total game-changer. I'm looking forward to expanding my skills and knowledge with the Mabin Team.

In my downtime I love a cheeky little video game, or a fun road trip with my partner. I look forward to treating you sometime soon!

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