relax, recharge and refresh

Discover the perfect blend of luxurious smooth, flowing techniques and deep kneading pressures to unwind even the tightest of muscles.

Relax, recharge and refresh in the hands of our highly trained Nelson Massage Therapists using the finest plant-based oils and aromatherapy infusions. Each massage is fully customisable to your personal needs, so go on, treat yourself to a round of lotions, potions, oils and spoils! 

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage Nelson - Massage Therapist

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

When you're tight on time and in the shoulders, this is the massage for you. Thirty glorious minutes of relaxation that can't be beat.

30mins | $55


Half Body Massage Nelson - Mabin House Body & Skin Sanctuary

Half Body Massage

When you need just a little bit more! Enjoy 45 minutes of massage on the body areas of your choosing. Customised for every body.

45mins | $75


Full Body Massage Nelson - Mabin House Therapists

Full Body Massage

Treat yourself to an hour of flowing swedish massage in one of our gorgeous massage suites. What more could a person want?

60mins | $95


I Just Love Massage - Mabin House Body & Skin Sanctuary Nelson

I Just Love Massage

Experience 90 minutes of pure indulgent swedish massage from top to toe! Customise to ease the aches in the areas you need. The perfect treat for you or your loved one.

90mins | $150


Pregnancy Massage Nelson - Mabin House Body & Skin Sanctuary

Pregnancy Massage

 A great way for mums-to-be to have a moment of pure relaxation when you can't lie on your tummy anymore! Our fully qualified pregnancy massage therapists ensure that you will be properly positioned and supported throughout your treatment to ensure ultimate comfort.

75mins $125


Treat Your Feet Massage in Nelson

Treat Your Feet

Tired feet? Treat them to a little luxury with a warm foot soak in mineral salts, have them exfoliated with gorgeous organic sugar scrub and nourish them with a delightful foot massage.

30mins | $50


Heavenly Scalp Massage Nelson - Mabin House Therapists

Heavenly Scalp Massage

Release neck, scalp and shoulder tension with gorgeous essential oils and muscle relieving pressure.

30mins | $50


The Cat's Pyjamas facial and massage package - Mabin House

The Cat's Pyjamas

60min | $99

Indulge and unwind with this facial and massage package:


Head in the Clouds facial and massage Nelson

Head in the Clouds

2hrs | $195

Get your head in the clouds with this facial and massage package - the perfect gift for all occasions! Package includes:

  • Mineral Foot Soak & Scrub
  • Mabin Signature Hydration Facial
  • Full Body Massage (oh soooo good!)