Autumn proof your skin

  • 16 March 2017
  • Tina Van't slot

massage, full body exfoliation at Elliott Cottage SKin & Beauty Therapy NelsonAutumn is here already! The air is crisp and fresh. With the season's change also comes with changes to our complexions, atmosphere characteristics are dry and cooler which can mean our skin and bodies are easily devitalised.  It's safe to say that your skin will need some help to get ready for the colder weather to come. 

So make sure you talk to us and find out how we can help you "autumn-proof your skin" with our range of skin and beauty treatments and products.

To get things underway and prepare you for the cooler months, check out the full body exfoliation. You must try the "power couple" and don't miss our gorgeous new foundation.  See more on these below.

And finally, it's been over 5 years since we made any price increases on our services. Next time you book an eyelash or eyebrow treatment with us, you will notice some small changes in pricing to the combination packages.

Visit beauty treatments and products pages for more information.

See you soon! Tina, Rose, Karyn and Nadia!

Full body exfoliation

Autumn Special Offer - Full Body Exfoliation - 1 hour & 15 mins $99

Super delicious exfoliant of various fragrances applied to the body, area by area. Melts away into the skin leaving the skin deliciously hydrated and silky smooth.

Sounds delicious doesn't it? Well it is!


Recommended product... O Cosmedics Power Couple

O Cosmedics Power Couple! Exfoliating Cleanser & 3 in 1 Fruit Peel Mask

We all know regular (and gentle) exfoliation rids the skin of redundant surface cells (dead skin cells) but did you know that the combination of physical and chemical exfoliation is the most effective way to healthy glowing skin?

Physical exfoliation (a.k.a Exfoliating Cleanser) relies on four different sized particles that via friction rid the skin surface of redundant cells.

Chemical exfoliation (a.k.a 3 in 1 Fruit Peel Mask) removes redundant cells by dissolving the glue that binds the cells to each other. Combining the two ensure redundant cells are free to move up the skin surface and be successfully sloughed off.

Directions: use Exfoliating Cleanser every 2nd-3rd day after cleansing and 3 in 1 peel mask 1-2 times a week for best results.

Buy now for only $99 - Usually $79 for Exfoliating Cleanser and $69 for 3 in 1 Fruit Peel Mask - So you get the mask for just $20! 
Call in and talk to us about the Power Couple

NEW natural treatment foundation

1SKIN Treatment Foundation by O Cosmedics - RRP - $74

We are super excited about our new range of clean, natural, anti-aging - yes anti-aging O Cosmedics foundations.  A high performing natural foundation where silicones have been replaced by natural texturisers, designed to hydrate and protect the skin with a velvety finish.

The formulation is enhanced by desert date oil, known for its hydrating, nourishing and purifying benefits. 20% of the formula is made by an organic fruit extract, to help fight environmental stress as well as repair skin and support firmness and elasticity, collagen and elastin synthesis.

Ivory is the lightest of 5 shades that extend the O Cosmedics corrective skin care offer to ensure a multifaceted skin health approach.

FINISH Natural velvety
TEXTURE Lightweight, comfortable and smoothing
Feel free to pop in anytime to try them out.

Gift Vouchers - buy online

Struggling to find that perfect gift?  We've got you covered with Elliott Beauty Gift Vouchers. And you can simply order these online or you can pop in and see us too! 


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