Avante Dynamic Effect mascara at Elliott Cottage Skin & Beauty Therapy Nelson

Avante Dynamic Effect Mascara

Cosmetically formulated to lengthen, strengthen and grow your lashes

  • Avante Mascara has an active ingredient to help with promoting longer lashes
  • Natural Ingredients such as Xanthan Gum, Jojoba Seed Oil, Castor Seed Oil to condition and provide nutrients to the Lashes.
  • Scented with Rose Flower Water
  • Nutritional vitamins to strengthen and condition your lashes
  • Easy application, smudge proof
  • Dynamic curved brush for uplifting all lashes

Now available for purchase at Elliott Cottage Skin & Beauty Therapy in Nelson

Only $49 (normally $59.95)

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How to use Avante Dynamic Effect Mascara:

The brush has been designed to ensure that you capture all hairs across the upper and lower lids.

The tapering end of the brush ensures that you capture and enhance the smaller/finer lashes that exist in the corners of the eye, thus maximising glamour and appeal.

The brush is designed to mimic the shape of the eye capturing every lash.

With the arch of the brush toward the top, apply from the base of the top eyelash upward to the tip allowing the fibres to lift your lashes. Repeat from the inside towards the outside of your eyelashes capturing the corner lashes giving you the enhanced dramatic effect

With the hydrating and conditioning agents within Dynamic Effect, the Mascara will last all day.

Will Avante Dynamic Effect Mascara replace an eyelash serum?

No.  While the Eyelash Serum provides the nutrients directly to the follicles, the Mascara will help to support the new lashes growing through the follicles and conditIon each individual lash with each application of Mascara.  While the Avante Mascara is also an active product, it works perfectly to give the length, strength and condition of the lashes.