Finding a cure for ageing may sound like a pipe dream but American Scientist Dr Bill Andrews believes he is one step closer! To say Dr Bill Andrews is obsessed with finding a cure for ageing is an understatement. The American molecular biologist and renowned geneticist has dedicated the past 32 years to scientific research in pursuit of his dream. And while he has not yet found a cure for ageing, he has discovered an enzyme that can dramatically slow down the ageing process of our skin cells - and even stop them ageing altogether. 

Luckily for us, Dr Andrews has found a way to harness the power of this enzyme and, with a little help from a former Kiwi beauty therapist, it is now available in skincare form.


One Truth 818 - anti-ageing serum at Only One Beauty Nelson New Zealand

The answer lies in Nobel Prize winning research. A clock ticks inside every single diving cell of our bodies, in a region called the Telomere at the tips of our chromosomes. The shortening of the Telomeres is proven to have direct correlation with aging. 

Just like the caps on the end of your shoelaces, the older the Telomeres get, the more worn out and shorter they become, until the are rendered useless. When Telomeres get to short they are unable to support the DNA. 

Scientists have known about Telomeres since the 1930's, and known that they get shorter as we get older since the 1970's.  

But it was Dr Bill Andrews' Award winning discovery of the enzyme Telomerase that led him and other scientists to sustain human cells in vitro. Many in the scientific community call the discovery of Telomerase the world's biggest scientific breakthrough to date. One that could ultimately, support healthy aging in humans while maintaining a youthful appearance. 

The ‘818’ molecule was handed over to experienced cosmetic scientists at Chase Life Extension Foundation who encapsulated the ‘818’ molecule into a complex liposome, enabling delivery of the ‘818’ into the deepest layers of the skin. This sophisticated active ingredient is now what we call, TAM-818. One Truth 818 serum is the only skincare serum in the world that contains Tam-818. 

Medical grade clinical trials in Italy has blown the socks off cosmetic scientists. The results of those trails on 100 people certainly seemed to back up Dr Andrews' anti-ageing claims. After 30 days using One Truth 818 Serum, skin smoothness improved by 12.53 per cent on the forehead and 9.63 per cent in the eye area. Forehead wrinkles decreased by 14 per cent and crow's feet by 11.07 per cent. Skin firmness improved by an average of 20.33 per cent.

It's also showing great results in preventing moisture loss, which helps restore people with sensitive skin or rosacea to rebuild that protective layer on skin. Skin behaves younger, so it won't make the extra metamin that causes pigmentation like older skin does. The serum - which contains macadamia and jojoba oils, phospholipidis (water-loving lipids) and a blend of Omega 3 and 6 whipped into a pleasant eco-cert vanilla fragrance - is used twice daily like any other serum after cleansing and toning and under moisturiser. It can be added to any skincare regime and can be used by any skin type at any age.

Here are a selection of testimonials from real women in New Zealand who trialed One Truth 818 for just 8 weeks. >>> click here to hear what they say about their results. 

One Truth 818 Serum is proven to reverse the aging process - Only $299 for 3 months worth of treatment.

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