Avante Hair Restoration Serum at Elliott Cottage Skin & Beauty Therapy Nelson

Avante Hair Restoration Serum

A unisex serum with proven results against hair thinning!

  • Used daily, Avante Hair Restoration Serum will give your thinning hair a new lease on life. In 12-16 weeks, you will start seeing improved hair growth and coverage.
  • Avante is a technological breakthrough in the fight against hair loss for both men and women experiencing thinning hair.
  • Nutraceutical ingredients provide nourishing peptides and vitamins combined with DHT blockers to deliver results directly to your hair follicles.

50ml (3.5 months supply to start, 6-7 months maintenance)

Now available for purchase at Elliott Cottage Skin & Beauty Therapy in Nelson

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How does Avante Hair Work?

Avante Hair works by boosting follicle activity and improving blood flow to the follicles

  • An easy to use 50ml spray pump which is used daily throughout the follicles growth cycle
  • Actively promotes cellular turnover to improve the condition of the scalp and hair
  • Provides nutritional ingredients to strengthen the follicles and new hair growth
  • Improves the appearance of fine hair with body, strength and conditioning
  • Results may be seen as early as 10 weeks

How to Use Avante Hair?

  • Apply once per day onto your scalp
  • Part hair and hold can 4-5 cm from the scalp and spray along the parting
  • Repeat in alternate locations twice
  • Gently massage in with fingertips
  • Wash hands
  • Style as normal

Avante Hair works from 6 different angles to assist in maximising the rejuvenation of the hair

  • Fights testosterone conversion at the source
  • Improves blood flow to assist in the follicle stimulation
  • Moisturises and hydrates the hair
  • Provides micro nutrients to the scalp
  • Provides nutritional support to the follicles
  • Strengthens hair to look thicker and fuller

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Hyaluronic Acid
Humectant and conditioner binding in moisture and hydrating the hair as it grows. Consumers will feel that their hair and scalp are softer

Pantothenic acid
Vitamin B5 helps prevent hair loss by providing the follicles with essential nutrients. These nutrients ensure that the follicle produces strong hair. It has also been shown to result in a rapid cessation of hair loss in those at the early stages of shedding.

Glycerinum is a natural emollient derived from pure vegetable sources and provides moisture to the hair shaft and scalp. There is anecdotal evidence of micro nutritional benefits of using glycerinum.

Preservative that has good antimicrobial efficacy against a range of microorganisms

The vasodilatory effect of arginine promotes hair growth as the nitrogen oxide generated from arginine opens the potassium channels of the cells. The blood supply to the hair root improves, which in turn stimulates hair growth

Urea (synthetic)
An anti microbial and increases the permeability of Avante ingredients.  NOT to be confused with Hydroxyethyl and Diazolidinyl Urea

Green Tea Extract
Green Tea Extract contains polyphenols and flavonoids which provides antioxidant and anticarcinogenic properties.  Other important compounds found in Green Tea Extracts are carotenoids (Vitamin A), tocopherols (Vitamin E), ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Zinc, Selenium, Chromium and Manganese.

The polyphenol within Green Tea is called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which inhibits 5-alpha reductase, blocking the formation of DHT.

Saw Palmetto
Serenoa repens is a naturally occurring 5 alpha reductase (5aR) inhibitor which decreases dihydrotestosterone (DHT) uptake by the hair follicle and decrease the binding of DHT to androgenetic receptors. It works slightly differently to the Green Tea and blocks the receptor sites on your cell membranes that allow the absorption of DHT.

Isopropyl Phenylhydroxypentene Dihydroxycyclopentylheptanate
This key active ingredient is a conditioning agent helping to support the growth phase of the hair follicle.